Upload Your Data, Get AI Insights: No Tech Expertise Needed.

Effortlessly train AI with your data on our easy-to-integrate platform.




Segmentation & qualification


& anomalies detection



Multiple use cases, one platform

Eigendata's platform features a suite of AI-powered services to unlock the full potential of your data. No need for technical expertise, we take care of everything.

how it works?

Discover Our Machine Learning as a Service Platform

Eigendata's Simple 4-Step Process

No technical knowledge required: Our platform simplifies the implementation process, allowing you to focus on leveraging the benefits of AI without the need for deep ML expertise. Experience a seamless and efficient implementation journey with Eigendata.

1. Select your use case
Choose from fraud prevention, lead segmentation, or anomaly detection to address your specific business needs.
2. Upload your data set
If needed, our expert team will guide you through the data preparation process, ensuring optimal model training.
3. Custom model training
Eigendata's advanced algorithms leverage your data set to develop a tailored machine learning model for accurate predictions.
4. Make predictions and set business rules
Access the power of our platform through our user-friendly API or intuitive dashboard, enabling you to implement predictions and define business rules effortlessly.

Seamless Integration, Powerful Models, No Technical Expertise Required

Simple & Fast

No need for technical knowledge or in-house model training processes.


Audit the decision-making process identifying the key variables driving outcomes.


Models are trained for each use case and team, with your data, providing unmatched flexibility.


Quick and efficient dataset processing, without sacrificing precision. Don't worry about scalability or infrastructure.

Seamless Integration

Seamless API integration with any client's system, allowing for easy implementation.


We prioritize data privacy and security, ensuring that information is not stored after it has been processed.


Take your marketplace to the next level with AI

By leveraging the power of machine learning, our platform optimizes sales processes for marketplaces, unlocking the power of data to drive revenue growth. With our solution, businesses can consume machine learning as a cloud service without the need for technical expertise or worrying about scaling or infrastructure complexities.

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Sales challenges faced by digital businesses

With the great amount of data available, it's easy to become overwhelmed and miss important insights that can boost your sales performance.

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